Saturday, January 30, 2010

last 48 hours..

What i think in the last 48 hours??what i do and what i did in the last 48 hours??
urm,,in my home..normally,i surf internet. first time use yahoo messenger!!haha.. last holiday,my friend,anisah teach me to use yahoo messenger. So this holiday,i want to aplicate my knowledge. I add many friends even i don't know them before this. I found my friends through iluvislam web. Press at 'who's in online' i have made many new friend this holiday. beside that,,i did my homework,of course. i think i hate add math,arrghh..switch on television,press 303's button..woohoo,i like korean channel even i'm not too understand what them said. The meanings at down in english,i take my note book and write some word or sentences that i don't know the meanings or a sentences that sound best..moreover,i like to read novels..especiall novels by HLOVATE..she used easy and normally word..but,there were some word i don't understand like...kinda,copeira...and..others..anybody can help me to find it's meanings??owh yeah,,the word that i'm not understand,i wrote them too in my small note rutine for tomorrow was same like today..i'm always think how to manage my time??hmm..

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