Monday, December 27, 2010

l0ok!ng f0r a p0teNt!aL huSband

maybe you're looking to improve the one to whom you're married? Perhaps you're a husband looking to improve yourself? Regardless of your reason, wouldn't the following qualities be a good place to start?

1) Handy - Guys, are you handy - what is handy? Handy is when you take action to solve a problem, handy is when you change a light bulb without complaint, handy is when you take out the garbage (your idea, not hers). Wives like for their husbands to be handy - it's not hard, be part of the solution - not the problem.

2) Provision Oriented - Please don't get excited - this isn't about the husband making all the money. Its an attitude to help your wife fill in gaps. She can't do everything - so help her! Is she busy with the kids - give up 10 minutes of the ballgame and clean dishes, fold laundry, or whatever. You don't even need to be all that big of a help - you just need to show you're trying.

3) Humility - Nobody likes an arrogant man - there's no place for it in marriage. Show humility - when you're wrong - admit it and do so with humility. She'll probably be shocked and her reaction might be unpredictable - but inside she'll glow with admiration.

4) Adaptability - Guys, marriage is an ever changing world and you've got to adapt favorably to those changes or you'll find yourself wondering what you're doing and how you got there. If you look closely at your wife - filtering out years of environmentally induced behavioural changes - you'll see that glowing woman you fell in love with years ago. Let me explain further - my love and feelings toward my wife have not changed since the day we married. However, our relationship has changed as a necessity to those changes around us. Time constraints, needs of children, financial obligations, etc. each require a level of effort that takes time away from our relationship. No longer do we have the luxury of hours to spend alone together. You're success as a husband will largely be dependent on your attitude toward the adaptations required by life. Lastly, don't let the tail wag the dog - don't let your feelings toward life's changes affect feelings toward your wife - leave this to your heart.

5) Sensitivity - You can forget what you learned in high school - most women aren't looking for a husband who never cries. A sensitive husband perceives the needs of his wife and looks to meet them. Sensitivity toward your wife will open doors of communication and intimacy you never thought possible. Try it, get that chip off your shoulder and show her some sensitivity.

6) Faithfulness / Loyalty - Show her you're in it for the long haul (notice I said show her). How can you show someone you're faithful and loyal? Do you follow through with your commitments - however small they might be? Are you honest with your wife? Do you keep her up to date on your activities? Do you include her in your world? She's interested - show her it's not just about you - its about her as well and you'll reap the benefits of her security.

7) Good Listener - This might be the biggest challenge for husbands. You see, by nature, men are usually productive oriented and women are usually more relational. Men often make the mistake of trying to solve their wife's "problems". She doesn't want you to solve anything - she wants you to listen (really listen) and show her that you truly are interested in what she says. She wants you to feel what she feels and live what she lives. When you learn to truly listen to your wife and keep your mouth shut - your marriage will blossom.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Old Lady(The Fruitcake Special)

The old lady believed to be over a hundred years old lived nearby the area where Aunt Mimi lives. She is said to have had seven husbands and all of them ate her fruitcakes. She sold fruitcakes in an open-air market that took place twice a week in the park.

The old lady had seven husbands and they all ate her fruitcake. She made the fruitcake with a special ingredient that she grew herself and would not disclose it to anyone. The mystery was she knew that Aunt Mimi was looking for a husband for her niece,Anna. So, she gave Aunt Mimi a special cake for Anna. Anna wants to find out the truth of the fruitcake but the old lady died before she could meet her . The new perfume that Anna creates – the Fruitcake Special has this piece of fruitcake in it. Anna experiences the effects of the fruitcake when she tries it on by putting it at the back of her hand. She realizes that men will fall deeply in love with the woman who is wearing it. Another strange event that Aunt Mimi witnessed was that at her funeral there were a lot of strange people ‘’all speaking in some kind of strange way’’.

The old lady knew that Aunt Mimi was looking for a husband for her niece,Anna. Upon hearing Aunt Mimi’s desire to get a husband for Anna,the old lady bakes a fruitcake for Aunt Mimi. She tells Aunt Mimi to give the cake to Anna and all her problems will be over. The old lady is helpful and wants Anna to get a husband.

Aunt Mimi(The Fritcake Special)

Aunt Mimi is Anna’s aunt who is always thinking of finding a husband for her twenty-seven years old niece,Anna. Her quest finally leads her to buy a special fruitcake for Anna from an old lady who has been married seven times.

Aunt Mimi is a person who is very interested in what other people are doing. She just “can’t mind her own business”. She takes interest in the people and the happenings around her. Anna finds Aunt Mimi only to be good company when she is not talking about husbands. She has been trying to find Anna a husband for ages. Anna is constantly reminded by her aunt that she is getting old with age. Aunt Mimi is always asking Anna when she is ‘’going to bring a nice boy home’’. Aunt Mimi also likes to mind into other people’s business like the old woman who sold her the fruitcake. She even goes to the old woman’s funeral.

Aunt Mimi is a fortright person who says whatever she thinks without any reservations. She is direct and honest in her manner and speech. She feels that it is not natural for a twenty-seven year old woman like Anna not to be married and she makes it a point to tell Anna. Aunt Mimi feels that Anna should be married and have children just like her mother. She even looks Anna right in the eye and asks her when she is going to bring home a nice boy.

Aunt Mimi has good intentions for her niece and wants her to have a husband. She does not want Anna to be single and lonely. She thinks that the least she can do is to help Anna find a husband. Aunt Mimi even tells an old woman about her plight. The old woman then bakes a fruitcake to be given to Anna. When Anna wants to know the truth about the fruitcake,Aunt Mimi readily offers her the information.

•Warm, generous and caring
Thought rather talkative, fortright and a busybody to some extent, Aunt Mimi is actually a warm, generous and caring person. Like Momma,she is concerned that her 27-years old niece is still single. So she goes and buys a special fruitcake from a woman who has had seven husbands. She is warm and welcomes Anna to her house and is also generous with the information from where she bought the fruitcake.

!nteRestiNg diaL0Gue in The Fruitcake Special

‘’When I saw you just now,’’ said the waiter, ‘’I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with you . you are so beautiful. Please tell me you will see me… I know I can offer you more than that fool you’re sitting with. I may not have his money or his looks, but I love you far more than he ever could. Please be mine!’'


Story One: Practitioner's Family and Property Survive a Flash Flood

I am a Dafa practitioner in Zhouqu County. Our family of three survived the huge August 7, 2010, mudslide disaster and witnessed the power of Dafa and Master's compassionate salvation.

It happened around 11:00 p.m., when many people were already asleep. As soon as I got into bed, I heard a roaring sound and thunder claps and noticed many lightning strikes. I didn't pay any attention to it and went back to bed. Suddenly I heard the sound of nearby glass breaking. I thought the wind was perhaps very strong and had broken the neighbors' windows. I got up and closed the windows in my apartment. Just then I heard people outside shouting, "A flood is coming!" Then I became aware of the sound of many helicopters in the air and immediately woke up my wife. "A flood is coming! Take the child! Hurry up and run!" My wife grabbed a few items of clothing for our child and put them on.

When we got to the apartment building's front door, the flood smashed a house behind our building. Four people were buried in it; only the son and the mother escaped. We moved immediately to the third floor. When we reached the third floor the mountainous torrent flooded the second floor. We jumped out through a window on the second floor hallway onto a ridge outside the building and ran quickly to higher ground outside.

When we arrived at a safe zone, I regretted very much not having taken a picture of Master and His articles with me. Images of Dafa materials drifting in the water recurred in my mind.

Early in the morning the next day, the flood still had not abated. The view from the front of the apartment shocked me. The flood had stopped at the windowsill of my apartment's kitchen. The mudslide was as high as the level of my apartment's windowsill. Not only did the water not go into my apartment, even the window screen was intact. Many Dafa materials were still on the table, about three meters away from the windowsill.

Master had not only saved the lives of my family, but also manifested the miraculous power of Dafa. I realized that Master was giving me another chance in order for me to fulfill my historic mission of rescuing people.

Story Two: Picking up Life

Uncle Zhou, who lives in the Shenhe District of Shenyang City, has a habit of always looking at the ground when he walks. When he sees things like advertisements, he picks them up and looks at them. People who know him ask him, "What good stuff are you picking up?" Uncle Zhou smiles but doesn't answer.
One day as Uncle Zhou picked something up, his goddaughter ran up to him and asked him what he had found. Uncle Zhou said, "I am picking up Falun Gong information." "Oh? Why? Aren't you afraid other people might see you doing that?" "No, I am not afraid. I am actually picking up life."

When he saw his goddaughter looking puzzled, Uncle Zhou said, "What Falun Gong practitioners say is all true. I went through the Cultural Revolution. The Communist regime frightens the Chinese people with its lies and violence. Why are there so many disasters? It is because the Communist regime is fighting nature and doing evil things. People who are not blinded by the lies of the regime and do not fear the gun will be the ones who survive the disaster."

Hearing what Uncle Zhou said, his goddaughter became eager, "Please hurry up and tell me more details." "It's simple. All it means is to learn the truth about Falun Gong. When disasters come, people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party, from the Communist Youth League, and from the Young Pioneers will be the ones who land on their feet safe and sound. Falun Gong is rescuing people. Look, I've just picked up a Falun Gong leaflet." "Godfather, please give it to me. I am not afraid of the Communist regime, but I was blinded by its lies. You have saved my life. Thank you!"

eYe tyPeS

Eye types range from simple to the complex and the compound. Eyes are organs that detect light. Simple eyes detect whether it is light or dark; while complex eyes can detect color, motion, depth, height, width, length and distance. Compound eyes, found in insects, crustaceans, arachnids and other multi-jointed legged creatures, combine what they see into a single image or multiple images.

The human eye is a white, nearly spherical piece of tissue with a colored circle, called an iris, and an opening in the center, called a pupil, in the center. It connects to the brain by an electrical conduit called the optic nerve. All vertebrates and some mollusks have a similar eye structure. Arthropods (insects, spiders, scorpions, crustaceans, centipedes and millipedes) have what is called a compound eye. Compound eyes have several thousand small eyes, which form a sphere around the head of the arthropod allowing them to see in a 360-degree circle around themselves. Each eye may see either pieces of the whole or multiple images of the whole, depending on the species.

The human eye is a bulging sphere, meaning that it is not as tall as it is wide. It contains the cornea, which allows light to enter the eye and bends it, helping to focus the image. The iris surrounds the pupil and is the eye color of the individual. The pupil expands and contracts, allowing a specific amount of light to enter the eye. The lens bends to focus near or distant objects. The retina has color-sensing cells called rods and cones. The retina also has neurons that help process the information received by the rods and cones. The optic nerve takes all the information and sends it to the brain. Each compound eye contains a lens, a cone, light-sensitive visual cells and pigment cells, similar to a human iris, to distinguish each eye.

Human eyes are fixed in the center of the head such that each eye's field of view overlaps, allowing the ability to perceive depth and distance. Most mammalian, reptilian and avian predators have this type of eye position. Crocodiles, alligators and hippos have eyes positioned on top of the head, so that their bodies may remain submerged in water in order to hunt or in the case of hippos, to prevent sunburn. Other animals, like herd animals, whales, snakes, lizards and non-predatory birds have eyes on the sides of their heads, allowing them to see on either side and behind them, in order to remain in their herd or flock or to watch for predators. Insects, especially those that fly, have eyes situated on top of the head, allowing them to see in front, on both sides, behind and on top at the same time.

Human eye colors include variations of blue, green, blue-gray and brown. Animals have a wide range of eye colors. Eagles have yellow eyes, most wild mammals have brown eyes, and domestic dogs have a wide variety of eye colors, from light blue to yellow to brown. Insects like flies have red eyes. Tigers have yellow-orange eyes, if their coat is orange, but may have light-blue eyes if their coat is white. Gorilla eyes are black with light-brown irises.

5.Visual Range
Humans perceive light and their surroundings in the visual range. The visual range of light is divided into the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Other animals, like bees, see in the ultraviolet range. Scientists divide the ultraviolet range into three sections, near, far and extreme ultraviolet; near being the closest to visible light and far being closest to X-rays. Other animals, like rattlesnakes see in the infrared spectrum. Scientists divide infrared light into three sections, near, mid and far; near being closest to visible light and far being closest to microwaves. The infrared spectrum measures how much heat reflects from an object.


Yeah! and you don't stop
Now, once again ace one is on the wax
And this one goes out to everybody
Who experienced in their lifetime
Or going to experience in their lifetime some type of hardship
Because everybody goes through hardships

See hardship belongs to me
I will never give it away or sell it for a fee
I regret to inform you I will never set it free
Everyday I'm reminded of how hard it could be
I take my pain just like a g
Got my struggle of life down to a t
It's nobody's fault but mine if I can't see
So I open my eyes and start looking for the key
Hardship is mine to hold onto
All through to the yellow brick road it goes
My shoulders got the heaviest load but I pack light
And I compensate I got act right when I conversate
See some people relate but they don't understand the words
Some people can climb mountains but can't jump curbs
And vice verse. I know it's such a nice verse
But hardship makes everything worse
And worse is a reminder to stay on the path
But hardship is mine to have

Because hardship keeps me in check
Mainly so I can check myself I give up full respect
Because he's real like a hundred-dollar bill
Without hardship you wouldn't appreciate your meals
Without hardship I wouldn't appreciate my skills
And so I do and so I grew and so I knew
That hardship not only makes most of my days blue
But it teaches me how to struggle in the jungle
And never crumble and how to remain humble
Some people they live life inside a glass case
Some people they live life in the vastness of space
And others will live long at a snail's pace
I live with hardship slapping me in the face

Because hardship belongs to me,
I will never give it away or sell it for a fee
I regret to inform you I will never set it free
Everyday I'm reminded of how hard it could be

How hard it could be...
How hard it could be...
Everyday I'm reminded of how hard it could be