Sunday, September 5, 2010

dReAm cAtcHeR

Falling all around me,
elusive like the wind.
Flowing like a river
to which I see no end.
But I keep dreaming,
even with no wings to fly.
Though most still escape me,
I'll keep trying till I die. .

Cause the Heart needs Hope. .
it's always holding out it's hands.
This is how it learns to cope,
when the mind can't comprehend. .
It's my Dream Catcher,
clinging on so tight.
I can only follow this Heart,
and do what I feels right. .

Glistening in the starlight,
shooting to the moon.
My dreams are like the twilight
as the darkness comes to soon
I can't stop even for a moment,
even when I sleep.
If I can hold them for a moment,
it's a moment that I'll keep.

Cause the Heart needs Hope. .
And it's spreading out its threads,
like a life guard holds a rope,
hanging above my head . .
It's my Dream Catcher
reaching through the dark.
It might be fragile and broken
but its still a beating heart. .

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