Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aunt Mimi(The Fritcake Special)

Aunt Mimi is Anna’s aunt who is always thinking of finding a husband for her twenty-seven years old niece,Anna. Her quest finally leads her to buy a special fruitcake for Anna from an old lady who has been married seven times.

Aunt Mimi is a person who is very interested in what other people are doing. She just “can’t mind her own business”. She takes interest in the people and the happenings around her. Anna finds Aunt Mimi only to be good company when she is not talking about husbands. She has been trying to find Anna a husband for ages. Anna is constantly reminded by her aunt that she is getting old with age. Aunt Mimi is always asking Anna when she is ‘’going to bring a nice boy home’’. Aunt Mimi also likes to mind into other people’s business like the old woman who sold her the fruitcake. She even goes to the old woman’s funeral.

Aunt Mimi is a fortright person who says whatever she thinks without any reservations. She is direct and honest in her manner and speech. She feels that it is not natural for a twenty-seven year old woman like Anna not to be married and she makes it a point to tell Anna. Aunt Mimi feels that Anna should be married and have children just like her mother. She even looks Anna right in the eye and asks her when she is going to bring home a nice boy.

Aunt Mimi has good intentions for her niece and wants her to have a husband. She does not want Anna to be single and lonely. She thinks that the least she can do is to help Anna find a husband. Aunt Mimi even tells an old woman about her plight. The old woman then bakes a fruitcake to be given to Anna. When Anna wants to know the truth about the fruitcake,Aunt Mimi readily offers her the information.

•Warm, generous and caring
Thought rather talkative, fortright and a busybody to some extent, Aunt Mimi is actually a warm, generous and caring person. Like Momma,she is concerned that her 27-years old niece is still single. So she goes and buys a special fruitcake from a woman who has had seven husbands. She is warm and welcomes Anna to her house and is also generous with the information from where she bought the fruitcake.

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