Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Old Lady(The Fruitcake Special)

The old lady believed to be over a hundred years old lived nearby the area where Aunt Mimi lives. She is said to have had seven husbands and all of them ate her fruitcakes. She sold fruitcakes in an open-air market that took place twice a week in the park.

The old lady had seven husbands and they all ate her fruitcake. She made the fruitcake with a special ingredient that she grew herself and would not disclose it to anyone. The mystery was she knew that Aunt Mimi was looking for a husband for her niece,Anna. So, she gave Aunt Mimi a special cake for Anna. Anna wants to find out the truth of the fruitcake but the old lady died before she could meet her . The new perfume that Anna creates – the Fruitcake Special has this piece of fruitcake in it. Anna experiences the effects of the fruitcake when she tries it on by putting it at the back of her hand. She realizes that men will fall deeply in love with the woman who is wearing it. Another strange event that Aunt Mimi witnessed was that at her funeral there were a lot of strange people ‘’all speaking in some kind of strange way’’.

The old lady knew that Aunt Mimi was looking for a husband for her niece,Anna. Upon hearing Aunt Mimi’s desire to get a husband for Anna,the old lady bakes a fruitcake for Aunt Mimi. She tells Aunt Mimi to give the cake to Anna and all her problems will be over. The old lady is helpful and wants Anna to get a husband.

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